Friday, 22 June 2012

Chapter Two

Image 2.3 from Workbook

This third sample was using even-weave material and blackwork.
The top sample shows a tonal square starting at the left with a very fine thread and graduating over to the right using perlé, embroidery threads and finally a thick tapestry wool making it dark.
The middle sample shows the spacing of stitches to show tones
The bottom sample shows a pattern which is developed to show tone.
I had never done blackwork before and did not find it easy counting the threads however it was an interesting challenge.

Image 2.2 from Workbook
This second task was done on graph paper building a pattern using a black pen.  The pattern is developed each row by adding an extra line to the design.
Image 2.1 from Workbook
In chapter two of this second module I have been asked to look at tonal value in stitch.  This first tast was to make a sample using only back and white threads of varying weights moving from white to black and mixing the two colours and size of stitch midway.  I did not find this exercise easy but hopefully I have achieved a reasonable effect.

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