Sunday, 24 June 2012

Chapter Four

Image 4.6 from workbook
Image 4.5 from workbook
Image 4.4 from workbook
Image 4.3 from workbook
Image 4.2 from workbook
Image 4.1 from workbook
In chapter four I have been asked to research some animals/birds which have distinctive decorative pattern markings and display photos in black and white.  I also had to make black & white linear drawings.  I have never been very confident with drawing but I went to a two day workshop about a month ago called Drawing for the Terrified with Richard Box.  He gave us so many simple tips together with lots of encouragement and I must say I have surprised myself with the resulting drawings in this chapter.  I am sure the more I practice the better they will get but I really enjoyed the exercise and have been totally engrossed all weekend! I have made some of the images negative in Photoshop which I found on my husband's computer and will certainly use it again to play with images.

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