Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chapter Nine


     9 text 1

Image 9.1 and 9 text 1
9.2      9 text 2
Images 9.2 and 9 text 2
9.3      9 text 3 
Image 9.3 and 9 text 3

Rubbings from relief surfaces in white Markel on tissue paper



 Image 9.4
Image 9.5
Image 9.6
Image 9.7
Image 9.8
Image 9.9
I have thoroughly enjoyed this chapter experimenting with different threads and stitches.  I started it over a year ago and taken it on several holidays to enable me to have something to pick up and put down.  The first one was started in India a year ago, added to in France earlier this year and the final piece has been completed in Spain relaxing in the warm sun a few weeks ago!  Deciding to use just one stitch for the formal and informal samples was challenging but I was keen to stick to my decision rather than introduce another stitch.  I am very please with the variety of stitches and techniques so I think I may well mount them properly in due course.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Chapter Eight

 Paper relief into fabric relief
Image 8.1a
Image 8.1b 
Image 8.2a
Image 8.2b
Image 8.3a
Image 8.3b
Image 8.4a
Image 8.4b
Image 8.5a
Image 8.5b
8 text 1 8 text 2 
For this chapter I used a variety of techniques and fabrics so I have a mixture of samples to use in the future.  In sample 8.1b I was pleased with the trapunto quilting and hope to use that for my final sample.  I was also pleased with the two 8.5 samples especially 8.5a with the twin needles and Habotai silk.  The cotton covered wire and the pipe cleaners were both useful if I need to manipulate a sample. 
For the sample images above I used MS Publisher and inserted the appropriate source image, the paper relief and the fabric relief in the centre.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Chapter Eleven

Design from Landscape

It is not ideal to skip chapters (and go back later) but I have a tutorial next weekend so hope to discuss the design of my end of module resolved sample.

As my design source is taken from cliffs and rocks I have decided not to introduce any colour but to keep to shades of black, white and brown.

Flat textures

– I chose to use bleach on black paper for this exercise.

11.1.1 11.1.2 11.1.3 11.1.4 11.1.5 11.1.6 11.1.7 11.1.8 
Images 11.1.1 – 11.1.8


Relief textures

Image 11.2.1 – sample ideas
  11.2.3 11.2.4 11.2.5
Images 11.2.2 – 11.2.5
I have brushed some diluted walnut ink over these samples

Use of shape

Original image together with the divisions in white stuck to black paper

11.3.1  1.6.2
I like this and think it could be used for this project

11.3.2 1.1.3
Whilst this was one of my favourite images I think the divisions are too complex for the project

Again I do love this image but there are too many sections

11.3.4 1.2.3
This is also a possibility but making fewer sections – see below

11.4.1 11.4.1a
Images 11.4.1 & 11.4.1a  using decorated papers  
Images 11.4.2 & 11.4.2a – using decorated papers