Saturday, 10 October 2015

Chapter Nine


     9 text 1

Image 9.1 and 9 text 1
9.2      9 text 2
Images 9.2 and 9 text 2
9.3      9 text 3 
Image 9.3 and 9 text 3

Rubbings from relief surfaces in white Markel on tissue paper



 Image 9.4
Image 9.5
Image 9.6
Image 9.7
Image 9.8
Image 9.9
I have thoroughly enjoyed this chapter experimenting with different threads and stitches.  I started it over a year ago and taken it on several holidays to enable me to have something to pick up and put down.  The first one was started in India a year ago, added to in France earlier this year and the final piece has been completed in Spain relaxing in the warm sun a few weeks ago!  Deciding to use just one stitch for the formal and informal samples was challenging but I was keen to stick to my decision rather than introduce another stitch.  I am very please with the variety of stitches and techniques so I think I may well mount them properly in due course.

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