Saturday, 27 February 2016

Chapter Twelve–completed

In my feedback it was suggested that I mount my resolved sample and I must say I am pleased with the result. 
12 completed

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Chapter Twelve–part three

It is difficult to know when to stop but I think I am there!
I must say I have enjoyed creating this resolved sample.  I really love the colours and I am pleased with my choice of stitch and manipulation. 
12.26    12.27
It was difficult to decide whether to have gaps between the pieces or not so I took some photos and pinned them to my board.  I hope I have made the right decision but I think I have!  The frayed background I also like as I feel it is continuing the theme.  I am pleased I was able to use some of the dyed cottons I made in the past because the subtle colours have worked well.  I plan to mount the finished piece on black which I feels shows off the colours.  As I said above, I think I have added sufficient stitch to merge the edges but I will wait for comments and my feedback.  I could easily add more.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Chapter Twelve–part two

I have now completed my four pieces which, when assembled, will form my textured resolved sample. I gave myself a goal and have really enjoyed getting totally immersed in the work.
As Siân suggested, I used a variety of greys in my choice of material and threads and picked up the yellow from the bleached paper in my chosen design shape.  Rummaging through my piles of dyed fabrics I came across some pieces that I prepared during module two when I was doing the black and white animal theme.
Images 12.14, 12,15, 12.16 & 12.17
As you can see I have wrapped 12.14 & 12.15 around some Vilene but the other pieces are self supporting and can be stitched to the background.
Below I have been experimenting with the background.  Do I have a similar colour, do I have a completely different pale colour or a dark colour?  Do I have the pieces close together or do I leave space between?
12.18 & 12.19
I do not have a large piece of the blue/grey material only small pieces however I thought it might be interesting to make a feature of this by joining them together with a running stitch using a contrasting thread. 
12.20 & 12.21
This background is open weave and I have frayed the edges.  I like the colour of this background and it gives good contrast but I am not convinced it is the right one to use.  Another idea I had was to draw some threads from the background but not sure about that.
12.22 & 12.23
This background is some silk dupion I have but I think it is too white.
I really don’t like the black background so that has been eliminated already but it was interesting to see it.
At this point in time I think I favour having the pieces together using either the blue/grey or the open weave.  Lots more decision to make but I am pleased with my progress.  If any DS’s or friends look at this chapter I would welcome their comments!