Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chapter Eight

My workbook - images 46 & 47
The fifth and sixth samples for this chapter.  I had a number of bonded layers in these two samples and I found it difficult to get the needle through.  With each sample I am saying to myself, try to make sure it is not symetrical and I think I have achieved this, apart from image 43. 

Oh dear, my display board is empty again so I need to get cracking with the next chapter.

My workbook - images 44 & 45 
My third and fourth samples for this chapter.  I decided to use several different designs from my paper cutouts rather than just one, to enable me to experiment a bit more. 

My workbook - images 42 & 43
Chapter eight already!   I have done quite a bit of hand embroidery in these last two chapters and feel a bit more confident.  I think I am getting more consistant and neater but I know I have a long way to go!  Most of the time I am using a hoop and it is certainly helping me.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Chapter Seven

My workbook - images 40 & 41
Final two samples for Chapter 7.  In Image 41 the bright orange satin used for the middle layer has not scanned well - the colour is completely lost.  The colour I am talking about can be seen in the photograph of my display board below.

My workbook - images 38 & 39
Samples three and four for Chapter 7.

My workbook - images 36 & 37
I have really enjoyed this chapter.  I have not done much hand embroidery before so this has been a great opportunity to practice various stitches.  My work is not very neat and the stitches are a bit uneven but I guess this will come in time.  First two samples for Chapter 7.

My new display board
As suggested, I have just bought a displayboard and I must say it is a great idea.  It enables you to keep all your current work in one place and great fun to pop into the workroom and look at your efforts.  The only disadvantage is that when you complete a chapter and put everything in your workbook the display board is empty.  On the other hand, you could say this is an advantage because it makes you start the next chapter quickly!