Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chapter Eight

My workbook - images 46 & 47
The fifth and sixth samples for this chapter.  I had a number of bonded layers in these two samples and I found it difficult to get the needle through.  With each sample I am saying to myself, try to make sure it is not symetrical and I think I have achieved this, apart from image 43. 

Oh dear, my display board is empty again so I need to get cracking with the next chapter.

My workbook - images 44 & 45 
My third and fourth samples for this chapter.  I decided to use several different designs from my paper cutouts rather than just one, to enable me to experiment a bit more. 

My workbook - images 42 & 43
Chapter eight already!   I have done quite a bit of hand embroidery in these last two chapters and feel a bit more confident.  I think I am getting more consistant and neater but I know I have a long way to go!  Most of the time I am using a hoop and it is certainly helping me.


  1. Great samples Ros, I particularly like image 45, the frayed silk adds another dimension.

    1. Interesting that you liked 45. That is the one which Siân mentioned a couple of times in her feedback! You may remember it was you who suggested fraying on my thangka.