Monday, 12 March 2012

Chapter Nine

My workbook - images 52 & 53
I completed image 52 but was rather disappointed with the outcome.  I then realised that I had cut the wrong side of the stitching so I decided to start again and was pleased with the end result.  I am pleased I took photos of the materials before I added the top chiffon because, although poor quality, they are a good reference for future designs.
Second attempt at distressing this sample - image 51

My workbook - images 50 & 51
I am pleased with the frayed effect on image 50.  Another time I could have used all fraying materials and this would have given a less defined design. 

I used 5 layers for the sample in image 51 and, although they were all fraying materials the colours have not shown up here.  I rubbed the finished sample to distress it but I wonder if the design was too detailed.  When I have used this method before I have used straight lines or circles.  Another possible idea would to have had the top layer in a different material.  I pressed the sample down when scanning so it is possible this did not help either.

My workbook - images 48 & 49
Chapter nine is about reverse appliqué.  I have produced samples showing traditional and contemporary methods.  With the traditional method it is easy to see what the result will look like but with the contemporary methods, it is not until the material is cut away, the final effect emerges. 

I found myself heading for a symmetrical sample in image 48 so decided to make the final layer more random.

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