Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Chapter Five

Image 5.11
Cut credit card dragged + serrated knife dragged
Cut credit card dragged

All through this chapter I have been pleased with the variety of applicators I have used and the different effects achieved especially when reloading with ink, bleach or acrylic.

Image 5.10
Cut credit card dragged
Cut credit card dragged

Image 5.9
Cut credit card dragged
Cut credit card dragged

The final task in this chapter was to apply some acrylic paint to a glass surface, smooth over, make animal markings and then take a print with a sheet of cartridge paper.  I am quite pleased with the results of this task especially the later ones when the paint is starting to dry a little. In the bottom one on 5.11 the acrylic was quite thin and had started to dry.  The paper stuck to the glass and I had an interesting result when I pulled it off.

Image 5.8
Cut credit card in vertical stripes
Cotton wool bud
Cut section from cardboard egg box

Image 5.7
Cut credit card bent into a curve
Cut credit card at various angles
Cut credit card in same direction

Image 5.6
Cut section from cardboard egg box
Cut credit card dragged
Side of credit card

The second task was to use bleach to make the markings.  I chose to paint cartridge paper with Brusho, left it overnight to dry and then applied bleach.  I have never been very successful when I have used bleach in the past but the Brusho papers worked extremely well and I am pleased with the effect created when you recharged the applicator.  Before we had a shredder I used to put old credit cards in a drawer, now I know why I kept them!!  What a squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Image 5.5
Ink put in small metal sieve and blown onto paper producing stippled effect
Cut section from cardboard egg box
Cut cardboard
Image 5.4
Sponge applicator – diagonal thin then wide drag
Sponge applicator - parallel vertical lines
Cut section from cardboard egg box
Image 5.3
Cut cardboard – some straight marks, some dragged
Cut cardboard dragged
Wooden kebab stick
Image 5.2
Corrugated cardboard
Cut cardboard
Four wooden kebab sticks held together with elastic band

Image 5.1
Flat paint brush
Cut section of a cardboard egg box
Bent piece of corrugated cardboard – super at first but did not hold shape.

In chapter five I had to use an ink to make animal markings on various papers.  For the first task I chose black Brusho on cartridge paper and used a variety of things to apply the ink. 


  1. Hi, I've only just found your blog. What super patterned papers you have made! These are going to be so useful in later chapters. I'm doing the Certificate too, just a bit ahead of you on Chapter 9. Nice to meet you through your work.


    1. Hi Catherine, Thanks for your comments, nice to meet you too. As you said I am a bit behind you and Judith but it is great to make contact. Are you going to Urchfont next week? I do hope that some Certificate "students" will be there! I hope I can find your blog. I will try but I may need help!!! Ros

  2. These are lovely Ros - looks like you had a good time doing these. Sheila