Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Chapter Three

Design Sheet C - Image 10
i Complex counterchange
ii Divide & separate
iii Pattern with new design unit – overlapped
iv New motif in repeat
v Rotational symmetry
vi Interlaced repeat motif

Design Sheet B - Image 9
i Scale
ii Pattern
iii Border & corner
iv Linking border
v Linking two different shapes
vi New shapes from old
a.    separated circle
b.    star
c.    separated octagon
d.    superimposed stars

Practice sample - Image 8

I used my initial design shape for Design sheet A but did not think there was sufficient change when put in the circle, diamond & triangle. Also I did not like the distorted image repeats so I decided to change and follow the image on the instruction sheet which you will see on the finished Design sheet A - Image 7a

Design Sheet A - Image 7a - photo

Shapes too large for A4 backing sheet so took photo.  Disappointed with photographic image - inserted scanned image which is missing some detail on right.

Design Sheet A - Image 7a
Scanned work but missing detail on right
Small image above shows everything

i Counterchange
ii Positive and negative
iii Symmetry
iv Asymmetry
v & vi Distortion
vii Repeat pattern

My workbook - Image 7

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