Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Chapter Two

Inked cartridge paper using Brusho powders - Image 6a
After reading feedback from tutor I bought some Brusho powders and watched the video on the Distant Stitch website.  The image above shows the results which I am much happier with.

Stars cut from inked paper - Image 6
I swapped the colours round this time and stuck orange onto blue.
Stars cut from inked paper - Image 5
The final task for this second chapter was to choose two plain complementary coloured sheets and cut star shapes from one and stick them onto the second.   I cut blue stars and stuck them on an orange background.  One star has been torn and several weaved together.  Some have had another shape on top.

Block printing - Image 4
Here is the second sheet of my block printing
Print 7 – block turned 45 degrees after each print and repeated to show negatives
Print 8 – block turned 180 degrees after each print – horizontal
Print 9 – block turned 45 degrees and then staggered
Print 10 – block turned 45 degrees to form star and extended further to make larger star
Print 11 – block overprinted
Print 12 – block turned and printed side by side

Block printing - Image 3
Here is the first sheet of my block printing
Print 1 – block printed side by side keeping the shape the same way up
Print 2 – block turned 45 degrees after each print
Print 3 – block printed to show random effect
Print 4 – gaps left between each shape
Print 5 – block turned 180 degrees after each print – vertical
Print 6 – block turned 45 degrees – different starting position

My second task was to cut a print shape from a rubber to use as a printing block. I used Daler Rowney Deep Violet Acrylic paint for this block printing.

My inked cartridge paper - Image 2
My first task for this chapter was to colour paper using inks.  I really enjoyed this activity as I had never done this before.  I bought myself a pack of sponges which were great, so easy to use and gave a super effect.  I used six different Winsor & Newton inks.
My workbook entry - Image 1

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