Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chapter Six

My workbook - image 35
I wanted to have a go at incorporating everything in this chapter in a material sample but whilst I like the colours I have gone back to a symmetrical design.  I must get out of my comfort zone!
My workbook - image 34
I am pleased with this sample.  I used a mixture of silk threads, wool & glitz thread in no particular design before trapping them and the result was abstract.
My workbook - image 33
I am really pleased with the result of this sample.  Whilst the design shapes are symmetrical the addition of the scraps of coloured materials scattered at random makes it more interesting.
My workbook - image 32
Sponge coloured tissue paper.  I have tried to alter the shape of the design shape but this is back to symmetrical again!

My workbook - image 31
Again the design is not symmetrical.  Much better!  I was a bit disappointed that part of the painted bondaweb did not transfer but perhaps this was a good thing.
My workbook - images 25 -29
A selection of samples using bondaweb.  Some painted bondaweb cut into design shapes and ironed on background and some with threads, tissue paper or materials trapped between net, organza or scrim.  For painted bondaweb to show up well it is important to use correct background colour.  In image 26 the orange painted bondaweb does not show up but in image 29 the background is pale and the bondaweb is very clear.

My workbook - images 22 & 23
I was pleased with both of these samples.  I have been encouraged to explore designs which are not symmetric - it certainly makes them more interesting.

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