Friday, 18 January 2013

Chapter Two

Images 2.37, 2.36, 2.35
Images 2.34, 2.33, 2.32
Computer images using Fresh Paint on my new laptop.  I have always used a mouse in the past but now have a touchpad and found it quite difficult to draw shapes. Image 2.32 is a bit too green now it is uploaded.

Images 2.30 & 2.31
Computer images using Scribbletoo - great website and very pleased with the outcome of both images.  Image 2.30 is a bit too blue but I will get to grips with the colour palette eventually.
Images 2.29, 2.28, 2.27
Images 2.26, 2.25, 2.24
Images 2.23, 2.22, 2.21
Images 2.20, 2.19, 2.18
Images 2.17, 2.16, 2.15
Images 2.14, 2.13, 2.12

Well you can see I had a new toy for Christmas!  I asked for a Gelli pad and two catalystic wedges.  It was snowing heavily this morning so I did not venture out to my yoga class, instead I just played and here is the result!  Never having used the pad before I was not sure whether to mix the colours on a palate before or mix them on the pad itself.  I tried both and it was much easier on the pad but I had to work quickly.  Once I got the hang of it you can see I went mad but some papers are better than others.  In addition to the two wedges I also used a small wooden spiral printing block

Image 2.11 & 2.10
Image 2.9 & 2.8
Image 2.7 & 2.6
Image 2.5 & 2.4

This second section was using corrugated paper and I must say I really love the different designs I have made.
 Image 2.3,  2.2, 2.1

Chapter two.  As you can see from all the images, I have really enjoyed this chapter.  It has taken me several weeks but it has been fun. 

The first task in this chapter was to colour some papers in two complementary colours.  I have chosen turquoise and orange red.  I used Brusho to colour tissue and cartridge paper.  I had to look at my collection of spirals and make paper copies of a selection.


  1. Great to hear about your tips. Had a quick play with Scibblertoo, fascinating programme, can see this becoming addictive. What a lot of samples for your postings most impressive and love photos of spirals in situ.

  2. I found out about the Gelli plate and Scribletoo on our Facebook page. It is great that we can all share these things. Hope you are not snowed in!