Friday, 18 January 2013

Chapter One

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Image 1.6

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Image 1.4

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Image 1.2

Image 1.1

New module - what fun!  I did enjoy the black & white module but it is great to see some colours again!  I have been collecting images of spirals for some time.  Some were taken over a year ago when we were in India, some last autumn when we were in Provence, some over Christmas and some more recently around the house.  It is amazing how many things you can find and even today I opened my cutlery drawer in the kitchen and found a set of coffee spoons with spiral handles that I had completely forgotten about! 
I had hoped the Blogspot image upload problem would have been solved by now.  I looked a couple of days ago and it looked OK but today the browse box has disappeared again so I am using Windows Live Writer.  I did not get on too well with it last time I tried it but I must persevere!  One of my images is out of alignment and I can't solve it.  I must have inserted an alignment tag but when I looked at the HTML I looked away quick and decided to leave it!!


  1. It does look fun - can't wait to get there too. I love your colours and designs in Chapter 2. What a lovely Christmas present to get!

  2. Yes it has been fun but it won't be long before you are on this chapter. Waiting with interest to see your heirloom!