Saturday, 2 September 2017


Making your wall hanging

Below is the paper image of my chosen design followed by a variety of photos of the different stages of the construction of my wall hanging.

 11.1 Background


11.6 water soluble work added to background

 11.8 cutback pieces added to background

11.9 white zigzags pinned.  I really do not like this so I am cutting back the white to make it narrower.
11.10 background folded forward to add an edging.  No additions

11.11 green focus squares added

11.12 all white zigzags cut back to show just the silk and dark green squares

11.13 current situation.  All the various sections have been stitched to the background including the white zigzag.  The paler green squares are to be stitched into position, edges to be stitched and backing with sleeve to be stitched into position.  I am leaving this until the last job in case I need to add or alter anything.

11.14  I am still concerned that the white zigzags are too dominant so I have experimented by weaving some interesting threads through the running stitches on my sample.  Quite like this as it tones the white down - could use the brown/green threads and possibly some blue against the rain section (water soluble)

I have spent a number of very enjoyable hours on this wall hanging and I am pleased with the result so far.  There is still some work to do but I feel it is coming together well.

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