Saturday, 31 May 2014

Module Five – Chapter One

I have just returned from a week in Bonifacio, Corsica.  I spent a lot of the time photographing the cliffs and granite rocks on a nearby island in preparation for this module – Texture in Landscape.  How lucky to have such a magnificent natural landscape in front of me at this time.
To start with here is a reminder of the beautiful blue sea and sky!
On the recommendation of a friend, I have just downloaded the free image manipulation software GIMP and have been experimenting with the images of the cliffs below.  I know there is a lot more to learn but this is a start!  Against the image number I have written the GIMP function have used.
Image 1.1.1 original image.  Image 1.1.2 detail of original
Image 1.1.3.  Image 1.1.4 – colour curve
Image 1.1.5 retinex.  Image 1.1.6 threshold
Image 1.2.1 original image.  Image 1.2.2 – detail of original
Image 1.2.3.  Image 1.2.4 colour curve
Image 1.2.5 threshold
Image 1.3.1 original image.  Image 1.3.2 detail of original
Image 1.3.3 threshold.  Image 1.3.4 colour curve
Image 1.3.5 retinex
Image 1.4.1 original.  Image 1.4.2 colour curve
Image 1.4.3 retinex.  Image 1.4.4 threshold
Image 1.5.1 original image.  Image 1.5.2 detail of original
Image 1.5.3 colour curve.  Image 1.5.4 retinex
Image 1.5.5 threshold
Image 1.6.1 original.  Image 1.6.2 detail of original
Image 1.6.3 colour curve.  Image 1.6.4 retinex
Image 1.6.5 threshold
Image 1.7.1 original.  Image 1.7.2 detail of original
Image 1.7.3 colour curve.  Image 1.7.4 posturize.
Image 1.7.5 threshold
Image 1.8.1 original.  Image 1.8.2 detail
Image 1.8.3 colour curve.  Image 1.8.4 retinex
Image 1.8.4 threshold
I have probably uploaded too many images here but I have plenty to choose from for this module.


  1. Lovely rocks -you'll enjoy gimp but it if I sit down and play I put a timer on otherwise the day is gone!!!;-) Enjoy

  2. Gosh Ros! What an exciting start to your new module! You have some wonderful images of rocks that you have adapted beautifully in the software. I must download gimp and have a play. Hope you enjoyed your holiday x

  3. Looks like it was the perfect holiday for starting Module 5! Exiting stuff - am going to have to download GIMP as well!

  4. Thanks everybody! Yes, good holiday but soon back to reality! Only scratching the surface of GIMP think there is lots more to learn but what interesting effects you can get AND it is free!

  5. These images are really striking Ros and lend themselves to textures in landscape. Such a b'ful island - we went several years ago. The GIMP programme looks interesting!