Monday, 5 May 2014

Chapter Eleven – revisited

Siân made a couple of suggestions in my feedback both of which I was keen to do.  She wondered if the envelope which I had trapped under the drawn thread work on the back was a bit stark and would it be an idea to add some needle-weave.  The second suggestion was to add a cord to the centre closing stick so it does not get lost.

I would not have thought about using the colours she suggested but I see the orange comes from the face of the mask and this tones everything down.  The needle-weave was straightforward as I had done a lot in Chapter 6.  I wound some dyed perlé round the stick and then plaited it before attaching to the front.

I am really pleased I followed these suggestions because everything blends well now, the drawn thread work is more interesting and hopefully the chopstick will not get lost!


  1. Ros, this is beautiful! So much deatail! I can't wait to move on to this module

  2. Good to hear from you Julia and hope you are well. Yes, this module has been fun and I am sure you will enjoy it. I see you have just finished Module 3 - make sure you take lots of photos of your hat at the wedding:-)

  3. This is so beautiful Ros. You're so talented

  4. Merci Pascale! Je suis en Corse.