Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Chapter Eleven–part 2


Images 11.10 & 11.11


Images 11.12  - front view & 11.13 – back view


Images 11.14 & 11.15


Image 11.16

Since posting this update I have had further thoughts about this folder.  Two wide front sections makes the folder too cumbersome, the back is the perfect width.  What I have now done is to tear back some of the paper frame surrounding the left hand drawn thread work (11.16) so the front pages fold over one another.  The opening will have to change.  Visually this may be better as the paper frames were the same width previously.

Text from workbook


  1. I love your samples, Ros, The colour scheme is beautiful. They could form an art piece of their own. Did you use a stamp for decorating the fabric or was is done with screen printing?

  2. Thanks Pascale! The bamboo was a stencil and the Chinese character was a stamp I made. Coming together slowly but bit cross with myself I got my dimensions wrong. C'est la vie.