Friday, 27 April 2012

Chapter Eleven - Resolved Sample

Resolved sample - image 75
I chose hand dyed felt as a background and sewed it together with antique stitch.  Thinking about the design brief I chose different sized stars and chose a sheer which I planned to burn back with a heat gun showing disintegration.  The final design shows 4 abstract stars:

one stitch only
one appliqué layering from the top & cutting outside stitching
one appliqué layering from underneath & cutting inside stitching & trupunto one was seed stitching in similar colours to the background to show disintegration. 
To join the stars together was a large appliqué star with stitching & beads.  Finally I did free machine stitching following the shapes of the stars before using the heat gun.
Resolved sample - before heat gun
Resolved sample - early stage
Resolved sample - image 74.  Design using coloured papers
Resolved sample - image 73 - star stitches chosen from Constance Howard's Book of Stitches
My workbook - image 72
My workbook - image 71
My workbook - image 70

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