Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Chapter Five

Free machine stitchery to interpret drawings
 Image 5.1 Image-1.-1.6_thumb1 5.1_thumb
Image 5.2 Image-1.-1.6_thumb 5.2_thumb
Image 5.3 Image-1.-1.5_thumb 5.3_thumb
Image 5.4 Image-1.-1.5_thumb1 5.4_thumb
Image 5.5 Image-1.6.2_thumb 5.5_thumb
Image 5.6 Image-1.-2.1_thumb 5.6_thumb
Image 5.7 Image-1.-2.1_thumb1 5.7_thumb2
Image 5.8 Image-1.-2.3_thumb 5.8_thumb
Image 5.9 Image-1.-2.3_thumb1 5.9_thumb
Image 5.10 1.30.10_thumb 5.10_thumb
Image 5.11 1.30.10_thumb1 5.11_thumb
Image 5.12 Image-1.6.3_thumb 5.12_thumb

I started this chapter by choosing the drawings I thought would be best for this interpretation in stitch and have been doing them over a number of weeks.  Now I have brought all the samples together I am quite pleased with some of them.  I must remember, if I want to replicate a design I may have to transpose the stitching – see Images 5.1&2 and 5.5&6.  I have done quite a bit of cable stitch and couching as I think the texture adds to the interpretation rather than having flat stitch.  The layering under the silk in 5.10 gives a lovely effect as does the use of the jersey fabric and no hoop in 5.5.

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