Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Module 6– Creative Conservation


This module is about the study of the colours within sea and sky and below I have made a collection of some paintings that interest me and photos that I have taken.

In 1998 I went to an exhibition by Jonathan Miller at the National Gallery entitled “On Reflection”.  I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and bought the catalogue.  There were a number of examples of reflections in mirrors, windows, shiny bowls and also in water.  Here are some examples:

Burne Jones Study for the Mirror of Venus      Caillebotte - L'Yerres in the Rain 1875
Burne-Jones Study for Mirror of Venus      Caillebotte – L’Yerres in the Rain
Carter Bresson Place d l'Europe in the Rain 1932                        Escher Rippled Surface 1950
Carter-Bresson Place de l’Europe in the Rain    Escher – Rippled surface

Another exhibition that I enjoyed many years ago at the Royal Academy was Monet in the ‘90s in which they exhibited series of his paintings and it is interesting to see how the skies all differ depending on the time of year or the time of day.  Again I have taken these images from the catalogue I bought at the time.
Monet 1    Monet 1 a   Monet 1 b
Monet 2   Monet 2 a   Monet 2 b
Monet 3   Monet 3 d   Monet 3a  
Three images taken from the internet showing Turner’s skies.
Turner 2  Turner 1  Turner 3

Here is a selection of images I have taken, some recently and some from my files.
Wadswick sunset 2   Wadswick sunset   Wadswick sunset 3
Wadswick sunsets
Urchfont sunset   Gujarat sunset   J's sunset by horses
Urchfont,  Gujarat,   Jasper’s photo, Gujarat
Castle Bijapur sun set 2   Castle Bijapur sun set 3   Castle Bijapur sun set
Castle Bijapur
Bowerhill sunset   Bowerhill sunset 1   Bowerhill sunset 2
Bowerhill sunset 4   Bowerhill sunset 3  
Bowerhill sunset
Walk clouds 1   Walk clouds 2
Clouds on walk  
Bruge canal 1   Bruge canal 2  
From a barge in Bruge  
Corsham 6   Corsham 7
Corsham 4   Corsham 5
Corsham 2   Corsham 1
Lake at Corsham Court on windy day
Belton 6   Belton 5
Belton 1   Belton 8
Belton 9   Belton 7
Waterfall at Belton House, Grantham
Pultney weir
Pultney Weir, Bath


  1. What a wonderful series of photos - looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

  2. Thanks, Sheila. A long way to go! Hope to see you in July? R

  3. I echo what Sheila says - what gorgeous photos!

  4. Thanks, Catherine. Remember the topic and take photos when you see a lovely sky or interesting water formation - you will then be ready for the module! R