Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Catch up and Chapter Six

Where has time gone?  I can't believe it is 8 months since I last posted anything on my blog.  Life is now back to normal - we have a super new house and I have my own workroom again - up and running.  It has a large window and I have to use my Roman blind regularly as it is so sunny!  Hope you like the material.

Smocking Exhibition

– Berrington Hall (NT), Herefordshire
In April, during a visit to Ludlow we stopped off at the National Trust property, Berrington Hall. I did not realise that the textiles collected by Charles Paget Wade who once owned Snowshill Manor are now stored at Berrington Hall and twice a year they change the items on display. To my delight for my visit there was an exhibition of old smocks.
The smocks were late 18th & early 19th C and constructed for agricultural labourers using rectangle shapes of linen or cotton twill with bone or metal buttons. The shaping was created by using smocking stitches.
The room was quite dark so it was difficult to see the detailed stitching clearly but they were in great condition and well conserved. Here are some photos I took of the items on display.
Last September we had a fun workshop with Jennie Rayment. Unfortunately I have not finished my suduko sampler but hopefully one day . . . . . .
Now for

Chapter Six - Tucks, Pleats & Gathers

– at long last!
Images 6.1 (samples 1-10), 6.2 (samples 11-21) & 6.3 (samples 22-24)

Images 6.4 (samples 25-31) & 6.4a – gathered up

Images 6.5 (samples 33-39)
Sally Stanley smocking machine borrowed from Marlborough & District Embroiderers’ Guild
6.6 6.7 6.8 6.9
Images 6.6 Ros winding organza into smocking machine, 6.7 twenty four spools of thread, 6.8  thread comes off spool, between Velcro, 6.9 thread through eye of needle
6.10 6.11 6.12
Images 6.10 (sample 40, 41 & 42), 6.11 (sample 43)  & 6.12
6.13 6.14
Images 6.13, 6.14
Image 6.15 (sample 44)
Details of samples
 6 text 1 6 text 2 6 text 3 6 text 4
Text images 1 - 4


  1. You are making up for time, what a lot of samples! The machine looks a bit of a handful!

  2. Quite a challenge to get going again but I will get there! Will email you. R

  3. Lots of super samples and the smocking machine looks, as Judith says, a bit of a handful but great fun!

  4. Yes, it was fun but I was lucky that a friend kindly threaded it ready for me. I was SO careful not to break any needles because the instructions for replacing them looked terrifying.