Sunday, 2 September 2012

Chapter Eight

Chapter 8 Health & Safety + Evaluation

Image 8.51 - toggles before rolling up

Image 8.5 - toggles

Image 8.4 - cords

Image 8.3 - ribbons

Image 8.2 - more seams

Image 8.1 - seams
Chapter 8 is entitled "not what it seams" and it has been a fun chapter with a variety of tasks.  In the evaluation I have indentified various other possibilities which I can use in the future.


  1. These look great - you have really had fun with this chapter. I enjoyed it too. I'm just a bit ahead of you, on chapter 10. It's good to see work from other students who are about the same stage.

  2. Thanks Catherine - everybody seems in front of me so I am trying to speed up! Great to make contact!